Results Driven Sales Manager™

10 months and 10 essentials for increasing sales from your salespeople.

A Sales Team Isn’t Like Any Other Department

Managing a sales force isn’t like managing any other department. Lack of sales management effectiveness is a huge issue in many organizations. Without effective sales management, goals are too often missed, and gross profit is less than it should be. Having an effective manager can be the most significant factor in a seller’s success. Without it, sales results wane, and goals are missed.

This program involves 10 skill sets that sales managers, and others who functionally manage salespeople, need to bring about the greatest amount of sales and gross profit results for their organizations.

The training is not sales training. Instead, it provides the tools, framework, knowledge, and skills to recruit, hire and manage your salespeople, so they get significantly greater results for your organization.

10 Months | 10 Essentials

Great Sales management includes developing your salespeople. With our sales management training, you will see lasting improved retention of those with outstanding sales performances.

You Will Receive:

10-month program

DISC Assessment for all participants

Monthly Online Training Topics

One Monthly 2-hr Face-to-Face Training with each manager developing action plans to use to implement the information

One In-Person or Virtual monthly, one-to-one coaching sessions

With this training, sales managers will …

  • Understand the factors that impact sales performance
  • Understand areas with the greatest influence
  • Build meaningful sales goals and action plans
  • Hold sales staff accountable
  • Manage the sales pipeline of the sales teams
  • Speed up sales and maximize each opportunity
  • Coach for top performance
  • Be effective communicators and decision makers

The Program’s Monthly Topics are …

  • Managing Salespeople Differently
  • Inspire Sales Teams
  • Defining Structure and Processes
  • Plan for Sales Training
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Weekly one-on-one Meetings
  • Prospecting Calls
  • Selling Steps
  • Addressing Sales Performance
  • Hiring Salespeople

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