High Impact Manager

Become an effective manager and generate higher impact results for your organization.

Time-Tested Actionable Solutions

Gallup found that poor managers cost the economy approx. $400 billion annually and that 1 in 2 employees cited leaving their job because of a poor relationship with their manager. That interrupts the consistency needed for the organization to reach its full potential.

The High Impact Manager® program teaches time-tested actionable solutions to real-world challenges based on decades of experience. Over 12 months it focuses on changing and developing 24 habits through a series of tasks and practical activities. The program applies a blended learning approach by including a unique combination of online learning assignments, in-person classroom training, and coaching accountability.

Our online Learning Management System provides the resources for a structured and seamless training experience. Our certified and experienced ATC Trainers ensure that the habits are not only understood but implemented and executed. Your managers will become better leaders and your teams will be more motivated and effective.

The High Impact Manger Training Includes:


High Impact Manager online training is followed by monthly, four-hour, face-to-face training sessions with an ATC certified trainer, and trainees leave with action plans to implement the 24 habits that will be taught.

12-month program

DISC Assessment for all participants

Monthly Online Training Topics

Two Monthly 1-hr Face-to-Face coaching sessions with your TLD Leader

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24 Habits of a High Impact Manager


Recruiting Top Talent

Hiring Top Talent

Setting Up New Employees for Success

Retaining Top Talent

Inspiring Leadership

Developing Your Team Members


Removing Barriers to Trust

Dealing with Difficult People

Collaborative Buy-In

Participating in the Sales Effort

Negotiating Power

Getting Negotiations Back on Track


PAVE Your Way to Success

Reducing Your Workplace Stress

Results Driven Communication

Conducting Effective Meetings

Productive Time Management

Making Your Personal Long-Term Vision Happen


Coaching Your Winning Team

Strategic Leadership

Creating and Managing Successful Action Plans

Managing with Key Performance Indicators

Creating Goals Using Diagnostics and Critical Success Factors

Creating a High Performing Culture

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