High Impact Executive Coaching™

Our Executive Coaching unlocks the potential of those being coached and increases their productivity.

Invest in Yourself and See the Results

According to the International Coach Federation, executive coaching, combined with training, increases productivity four times more than training alone. This increase in productivity happens because the coaching both reinforces what has been learned in a training program and helps to apply what has been learned right away while it is still fresh in their minds.

High Impact Executive coaching unlocks the potential and increases the productivity of your executives, top-level managers, high potential managers being groomed to grow, family member managers at every level and even entry-level managers who you want to develop. The result is that organizations with executives and other managers who receive High Impact Executive Coaching receive a great return on investment from executive coaching. Companies that engage executive coaches consistently get increased productivity and greater levels of company success with increases in revenue and cash flow and a reduction in costs.

Gain Confidence, Lead With Respect & Increase Productivity

The Job of a Coach Differs From ConsultantsMentorsTherapists

Consultants, give solutions to problems… answers to questions.

Mentors, share the experiences they have earned by their life experiences of having “been there, and done that”.

Therapists, evaluate, diagnose, and treat issues or disorders through a variety theories, guidance and techniques.

High Impact Executive Coaching unlocks potential & increases productivity. This is for executives, top-level managers, and entry-level or even potential managers. Any member of your team with exceptional potential as a leader will benefit from this program and so will your organization. Companies that engage High Impact Executive Coaching benefit not only from a great return on investment, they also consistently experience increased effectiveness and productivity. This comes from leaders who are challenged to think strategically, communicate more effectively, and develop improved emotional intelligence. Your company’s leaders will perform with greater confidence, influence, impact on your organization. As your leaders grow, your company will experience greater employee engagement, more success and revenue with both higher cash flow and a reduction in expenses.

You Will Receive:

DISC Assessment for all participants

2 One hour one on one confidential coaching session with a Certified Executive Coach delivered either in person or virtually.

A personal vision for each executive identifying the future steps and goals of their career and how they will reach that vision

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