AlignUp® Management Training

When you have an aligned workplace the results are great synergy, increased productivity and increased revenues.

It’s Time to Align Your Workplace

The AlignUp® training program empowers all employees from top to bottom to be better aligned with your organization’s goals and vision.

The failure of many organizations to achieve their greatest potential for success is often because their workplaces are out of alignment. AlignUp® training brings about an aligned workplace, starting with alignment among those who report directly to the key decision-maker. Then those leaders bring about alignment within their own reports.

Having an aligned workplace results in great synergy, increased productivity, and increased revenues. Only when all members of your top management team work together can you achieve alignment throughout your entire organization.

Get Aligned in 12 Months

This program applies a blended learning approach by working directly with teams and their leaders and includes a combination of online learning, monthly assignments, and executive coaching. ATC’s online Learning Management System provides the resources for a structured and seamless training experience. Another benefit of AlignUp training is that your employees will be more driven, passionate and happy, resulting in less employee turnover. This reduces the time and cost spent to recruit, hire and train new personnel.

You Will Receive:

12-month program

DISC Assessment for all participants

Monthly Online Training Topics

One Monthly 2-hr Face-to-Face Training with each manager developing action plans to use to implement the information

One In-Person or Virtual monthly, one-to-one coaching sessions

The Program Includes:

Commitment on Alignment

Align to PAVE Your Way to Success

Align on Roles and Responsibilities

Align on Working Dynamics

Align on the Organization’s Values and Working Environment

Align on the Organization’s Vision

Align on Critical Success Factors

Align on Strategic Direction Initiatives

Align on Plans and Priorities

Align on Annual Strategic Team Meetings

Align on Weekly Strategic Leadership Team Meetings

Alignment is “Evergreen”

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